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Fuyuanda Water Treatment Equipment CO.,LTD.
        Fuyuanda to cover different areas of water treatment products to meet customer demand can not.Our products are used to deal with after the beginning to the packaging, cover the entire production process. First single from the entire product line to now, all pool our efforts and wisdom. Quick and thoughtful service for you to remove the worries.
    Drinking.    Food processing water.
   ● Alcoholic drinks with water.
   ● Electronics Industry ultra-pure wate.
   ● Water for pharmaceutical industry.
   ● Quality of drinking water.   ● Industrial Wate.
   ● Brackish water desalination.    Textile Paper Water.
   ● Fine Chemicals Water.    Cooling water.
   ● Swimming pool water.    Flowers and aquaculture water.
① design and process flow chart that details the composition of water treatment system, and each part of the purpose and effect throughout the system
② Fuyuan system features introduced in the product appearance of water treatment systems, automation control, and other areas
③ device configuration table more detailed description of the water treatment system composed of the name of spare parts, brand / origin, specifications, and the required quantity and material
④ equipment costs and budget quotations and a breakdown of the total budget for the system to facilitate customer reference and comparison
⑤ Fuyuan of water treatment service that the company's service concept, technical support and Service Commitment
Reverse Osmosis equipment
Ultra-pure water equipment
Softened Water equipment
UF (mineral water) equipment
Disc Filter
Frequency conversion water supply
Vat filling equipment
Vial filling line
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